About me

My name is Rainer Mühr and I have been working in graphic and interface design for more than a decade. 

During this time I gained a lot of experience in screen and print and many satisfied customers. I have worked in many different and interdisciplinary environments. During the last years I have focused more and more on interface and visual design with connections to web design. During the last five years I had the opportunity to work on many virtual and augmented reality applications and showcases.

Although I have realized big projects on my own, I am a strong team player and like the inspiration that comes from developing ideas together with other people. That's why I'm very happy that after a long period of self-employment I finally found a new base with my long-time friends at FRAMEFIELD.

In my rare free time I more or less occupy myself with the so-called “demoscene”, a creative community mostly from Europe, which focuses on real-time motion design. Besides that I occasionally enjoy drawing, painting and pixelating.


  • visual design
  • interaction design
  • spatial visualization
  • augmented reality
  • virtual reality

Design approach

As you may have noticed, I have a strong tendency towards a somewhat "spatial" order and orientation within my work. One of my most formative experiences is my earlier practice as an architect. I believe that this is the strongest shared experience in real life and therefore is considered the basis when it comes to virtual environments.

Other things I believe in are Dieter Rams’ "Ten Commandments for Good Design" and the experience that the best solution is the one where the existing conditions are either negotiated or ignored. In most cases I try to solve the problems, but otherwise in some cases the best solution lies outside the limits. 

I am also convinced that qualitative UX-testing, based on the method of Steve Krug, is the best  way to evaluate your designs and results.


  • 3D models, textures and lighting
  • illustrations and icons
  • layouts
  • usability testing
  • drawing and sketching
  • low-resolution pixel work


@ FRAMEFIELD (since 2013) Deutsche Telekom AG, Volkswagen, Facebook, Airbus, ABB, Clariant, innogy, BOSCH Rexrodt, Visage Imaging GmbH, Duden, Cornelsen, ...

Directly commissioned (2000 – 2013) DCAITI, Fraunhofer Fokus, Helmut Newton Foundation, Visage Imaging GmbH, Brigitte Waldach, Yager, ...

@ arTec – visual solutions (2008 – 2012) BOSCH Car Multimedia, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Freie Universität Berlin, Fraunhofer IUK, Bücherhallen Hamburg, ...

Partner @ Hackenbroich Architekten (2002 – 2009) U-BOOT GmbH, Haarwerk, Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau, ....

@ bit-side (2003 – 2004) Deutsche Telekom AG, Debitel AG, Jamba, ...


  • photomontages
  • software coaching
  • print & prepress
  • architectural design
  • urban design
  • interior design
  • physical modelling


since 1993 self-education in various modern tools and technics for image processing, desktop publishing & layout, webdesign, motion design, 3D visualisation and CAD.

1995 – 2001 diploma in architecture @ TU Berlin

1994 high school diploma.

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